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- Be 100%, 100% of the time -

I am a very firm believer that you have to put forward every ounce of physical strength that you have. I know personally for me after right after my stoke It felt like I had a cement block attached to every inch of my affected side. Still to this day, I have a lot of weakness and spasticity but I am continuing to build strength and stretching and improving. Don't Ever Give Up "If you can move an INCH you cane move a MILE"​


From a diet that helps you increase your level of energy by decreasing your fatigue giving more fuel for your therapy and increasing your overall mental clarity, to bring down your cholesterol levels, blood sugars, heart rate, and much more.  I decided to hire a dietitian Kylene Bogden @ when I came home from the hospital because I knew that I was still lacking a lot of energy and a lot of mental focus And that was really causing me to feel bogged down and depressed all day and that was really inhibiting in my therapies at home and also taking it to the next level


You have to have a strong mindset to achieve your goals and you also have to be extremely patient with achieving your goals in rehab.  You can really plateau in your therapy but you half to understand that is normal and a time where we need to continue to work harder and never quite.

The NEVER QUIT mindset is key in recovery and beyond.

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