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Cleveland Stroke Connection


Re-Set Stroke Suppport Group 5:30 Pm

Last Thursday of every month!

 We are a group of Survivors and Caregivers here in Cleveland, to support one another. We all have a very similar journey forward!


April 15 2024

Stretching at InMotion Wellness Studio offers significant benefits for stroke survivors, focusing on enhancing their recovery and overall well-being. This specialized studio provides tailored stretching exercises that improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, and increase range of motion, crucial for those recovering from a stroke. These activities not only aid in the physical rehabilitation process by restoring movement and reducing the risk of muscle atrophy but also contribute to mental health by promoting relaxation and stress reduction. InMotion Wellness Studio’s supportive environment, guided by experienced professionals, ensures that each stretch is performed safely and effectively, catering to the unique needs of stroke survivors. This personalized approach helps in regaining independence, improving quality of life, and accelerating the journey towards recovery.


Stroke Research Registry 


This registry was created through colaberation between many Universutues and Hospitals in Ohio Including The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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