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Challenged Athletes foundation

Thanks, Jenny for Hanging on!!!

I had an unforgettable experience working closely with some truly remarkable individuals at the Challenge Athletes Foundation's mobility clinic. The foundation's work is exemplary, touching many lives in meaningful ways. At the clinic, I was particularly moved by the amputees collaborating with the orthotics company Ossur! The event's primary focus was to assist those with permanent lower limb issues. As it was organized by a prosthetics company, the majority of participants were amputees, showcasing a diverse and resilient community.

While I have all my limbs, I battle daily with spasticity, which hampers my movements and complicates my recovery process. This experience has reignited my determination to push past my limitations and achieve my recovery goals.

I am deeply grateful to every volunteer who traveled from different parts of the U.S. for the clinic. The knowledge and encouragement I gained from them will continue to influence my recovery journey. A pivotal lesson I've embraced is the importance of relentless effort and perseverance and as stroke survivors we must press forward no matter the Challenge!

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